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How to Know When Someone Unfollows You on Instagram

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There are lots of ways to find out who’s unfollowed you on Instagram and we tell you the best one till date. The rules of social media are so messy and unspoken and complicated that I imagine. I do not keep record of my followers in Instagram. It is completely depend on you that you want to follow or unfollow a particular person on instagram. Most of the people want to increase their instagram followers right. But if you want to know the person who unfollow you on insta. Stick with the article & you are going to know best method.

Instagram Followers is now matter of Concern

How to know if someone unfollowed you on Instagram

Hopefully, there are ways to keep a record of your followers and those who unfollow instagram & other social media platforms. Before reading this article, we have to tell you that accept those reasons and not use this to confront people who unfollow you on insta. It’s good to work on making your account more interesting for people to follow & connect with you more likely.

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Instagram Unfollow Case

Never Use third-party apps for tracking of your instagram followers. There is high chance of instagram app can not be responding. Don’t panic this is due to API change. When all things out of the way, only follow these steps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Reports+ turned out to be the best app. You can download it for free on Android from Google Play Store.

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Follow these steps to know who’s unfollowed you using Reports+:

  1. When the app is installed, open it, and sign in with your Instagram account.
  2. Firstly, you need to do is to pull down from the top for the app to refresh and that’s about it.
  3. Then after refreshing, you will get to know if your followers count increased from the followers gained tab, or if you lost any of your followers from the followers lost tab.
  4. After this, you can check the Followers I Don’t Follow Back tab and the Followers Not Following Me Back tab to see if you’d like to follow or unfollow any more accounts.

For Best practice click above on video to get practical overview.

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